F5 Load Balancer Training

Course Features

  • Training Type: Online
  • Course Duration: 1 month
  • No. of Hours: 2-4 Hours a Day
  • Batches Avail : Weekends, Weekdays
  • Price: 8287793184
  • Study Material: Yes
  • Certificate: Yes

F5 Load Balancer Training

F5 Online Training

F5 load balancer training course gives you the technical skills and knowledge for F5 LTM, F5 DNS and F5 ASM certification courses. F5 load balancers are one of the most accepted and widely used load balancers all over the world. With the global demand of this technology the skilled professionals are at high demands.

F5 training will provide you in-depth concepts of F5 certification courses. In addition, the course program will prepare you for today’s job roles required to work with F5 load balancers. 

The F5 certification courses are short term courses focused to help you to develop technical skills and expertise of F5 products and solutions. 

Course Highlights:

  •  Virtual live training
  •  Working professional trainers
  •  Virtual lab access
  •  Workbook access online
  •  Live training recorded videos access 
  •  Weekend/weekdays batch
  •  One-to-one/group training
  •  Free demo class on request
  •  Company certificate to validate your training

F5 course online

UniNets, Bangalore offers class room training and well as online training that provides a hands-on learning environment. The main target of the training is to impart knowledge through technology which is being used in everyday life, problem-solving activities, by highly experienced professional trainers.

We have own virtual lab platform for the learners where they can do practices as their availability. You can do practices on virtual lab 24*7 from anywhere. Our lab infrastructure give an opportunity to implement your theory learnings in the lab. 

In addition, you will be provided online access of study materials such as workbook. All the workbooks are prepared by experienced professionals. 

And finally, you will get virtual access of your trainer’s live training recorded videos that will help you anytime in future.

F5 LTM Topology

Why F5 load balancer?

F5 is a global leader providing F5 solutions to the almost fortune 50 companies. Like any other IT vendors F5 offer certification courses to ensure their customers and channel partners have access to pool of certified F5 IT professionals with the skills of design, build, deploy and manage F5-based solutions. 

The influence of F5 technology is its capability to adapt to your unique network architecture and mix of applications, as a result F5 is the products that can handle such a wide variety of technology where we need to share the load, there are many different training options that we provide to our student to suit their particular situation and gain the goal.

F5 certification courses we offer

We offer wide range of certification courses and training programs including F5 LTM, F5 DNS, F5 ASM and F5 APM. 

BIG-IP (LTM) Local Traffic Manager Training

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) enables you deliver your applications across users in a very efficient, safe, and consistent manner. With this, you can protect your apps using potent attack security and filtering. UniNets is one the right platform for you here you achieve the versatility and manage to improve up the performance of our servers and applications, thereby avoiding for the most effective BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) F5 online training on the web. With knowledgeable trainers from the industry, the institute imparts state-of-the-art real-world coaching. The course material offers a transparent clarification of however the LTM works. This course is extremely helpful in getting ready engineers to climb the career ladder quicker than their counterparts.

BIG-IP (ASM) Application Security Manager Training

In this course, professionals will gain acknowledgement and excellence on the way to use the ASM module and protect against potential security threats and once unknown security susceptibilities. The course will cover ASM’s virtual patching feature, ways to protect against Layer 7 Disturbed DoS attacks, analysis, detecting and mitigation, and also safeguard against granular attacks. Students will grasp how one can hinder even the most advanced security hazards from causing damage to their servers, through the ASM course. Learners can gain knowledge on the ins and outs by way of lectures and one-on-one interaction, of setting up, organizing and running the ASM system.

BIG-IP (GTM) Global Traffic Manager Training

The GTM coaching course is apt for professionals who have already got expertise within the area. Global Traffic Manager sends out user application requests as required for the location of the user, existing conditions, business policies, and performance capabilities. GTM helps scale and secure DNS Services infrastructure and survive DDoS attacks, thus guaranteeing high handiness. Through its GTM training, you will get experience on how to maximize the performance and handiness of applications by steering users to the best possible cloud, virtual or physical environment to confirm optimal performance.


  • Administering BIG-IP
  • Configuring BIG-IP LTM (Local Traffic Manager)
  • BIG-IP GTM (Global Traffic Manager)
  • Troubleshooting BIG-IP LTM
  • Configuring BIG-IP with iRules