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Course Features

AWS Training in Bangalore

The AWS training and certification course is designed in such way where every trainee will get an in-depth understanding of AWS cloud concepts.  In short, the training will be given according to the latest exam announced by AWS.

Also, each and every trainee will be given the training to design and scale AWS Cloud implementations recommended by Amazon.

Which AWS training course we offer?

We are offering online training for AWS certified cloud practitioner and AWS certified solutions architect associate certification courses. So, any candidates who are willing to learn these courses, may contact us on the given number. 

Why AWS certification course?

AWS certification proves your technical knowledge, understanding ability, and skills in the AWS cloud domain. On the other hand, the AWS training and certifications is highly noticed by the big companies who hosted their websites and other applications on the Amazon web services.

So, once you clear the exam, you will get the big opportunity to seal the position as a server admin or any other role in the Big Companies.

AWS Certified Solutions is ranked as one among the top certification programs in the world. AWS growth in the market is about to reach $236B by 2020. According to the experts, for example, the average annual salary expected for the AWS certified Solutions Architect is $129,000.

We are one of the best training institutes for AWS course online in India. In addition, we offer 24*7 virtual lab to do un-interrupted practices with lab guides. After that, once you complete your training you will be given live training recorded videos.

Students may get enrolled in batches, one-to-one training sessions, and fast track training classes.

Role based AWS training course

AWS certified cloud practitioner

This certification gives foundation level skills and knowledge of AWS cloud. The certification course will make you able to describe what is AWS cloud. 

When you complete this AWS cloud practitioner course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what is AWS cloud
  • AWS cloud basic global infrastructure
  • What is AWS cloud architectural principles and value proposition
  • Key services on AWS platform and their common use cases for example, compute and analytics
  • Basic security and compliance aspects
  • Billing, account management, and pricing models
  • Identify technical assistance such as whitepapers or support tickets
  • How to deploy and operate AWS cloud

AWS certified solutions architect associate

The AWS certified solutions architect associate certification course will prepare you for AWS solutions architect role. 

When you complete AWS solutions architect course, you will be able to:

  • How to architect secure applications on AWS technologies
  • On AWS technologies, deploy robust and secure applications
  • Based on customer requirement you will be able to define solutions using architectural design principles
  • Able to provide implementation guidance based on best practices

If you are willing to make your career in cloud computing, learning AWS cloud is one of the best choice. In conclusion, send us your AWS query, we will help you absolutely.