Course Features

CCNA SECURITY Course in Bangalore

UniNets provides the best option for all the fresh IT candidates to brighten their career with ultimate CCNA security courses. Now the course has been modified for the 210-260 certification exam too. Hence, you are going to get some extra support from the course.


The course deals with IP security aspect, its need and the titbits that describe what that is and how those are to be configured. The course describes every aspect related to IP functions including that of connecting and networking of the same with LAN and WAN settings too. The second part of the course is related to understanding the functions of IPv4 and IPv6 networking system and how to configure the network there. The security aspect of the course is given the most stress here.


This is the course for the fresh networking professionals and hence there is no need for any experience, neither work experience, nor there is a need for IT experience. Candidates who have just passed their 10+2 are eligible for the course too. There is no age bar, however. Hence, anyone who is interested in networking can apply for the course and get the certification. The course is absolutely for fresh candidates.


The course needs an average of 60 hours for completion and the course can be covered with videos and the classrooms for training. After the training is over, candidates can be guided for the 210 and 260 exams that will certify their CCNA security understandings and will give them the essential exposure for their career.

The course fees are usually around INR 1280, but there is always the rebate that is allotted by the UniNets. Hence, for the time being, it is half of that rate for the full 60 hours video course.