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A checkpoint is a firewall that acts as the best when on a massive scale. There are more than 100 big companies that are using this system and getting the best use of those. As you go through the CCSA training and the certification, you will be able to find a place in those companies, if you are seeking a prestigious job in networking. On the other end, you are also going to find yourself in a better position to handle the tasks in the different smaller companies, working on your own. This is the certification that is going to give the exposure in a way that you can troubleshoot the checkpoint networking system and integrate the same at the enterprise level. 

If you are interested to earn Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator R80 certification, you can join industry most prestigious training institute “UniNets Bangalore” for instructor-led training, available in online mode. 

Benefits to Learn CCSA R80

  • You will learn how to install R80 management and a security gateway in a distributed environment
  • How to configure rules, security policies, and objects
  • You can define permission profiles and can work with multiple administrators at a time 
  • CCSA R80 manages the entire IT infrastructure such as data center deployments, private / public cloud deployments, and ensuring security consistency across the enterprises.  
  • You can create and monitor security policies
  • With R80, security teams can focus on major security threats and tasks
  • Security is aligned to IT processes and technology
  • Threat management can be integrated with R80 and it can speed incidence response.  


This is not the course for the beginners and hence the professionals of different fields are only eligible to attend the course. Here are the professionals who are ideally effective to attend the courses –

Facilities for CCSA R80 Training

UniNets Bangalore offers you the following learning facilities:

Checkpoint physical topology
Checkpoint CCSA Physical Topology

Hence this is the type of training that is suitable for all the professionals to undergo the training along with their jobs. The course runs for near about 5 days or 60 hours, whichever is suitable for you.


There is no formal prerequisite for Checkpoint CCSA certification but, 

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