Course Features

Checkpoint Firewall Training in Bangalore

With the highest security effectiveness and great ability to keep any networks secure from the fifth generation of threats, clients trust on next generation Check Point firewalls. Checkpoint firewall training course will give you detailed overview of all 23 firewall models used for threat prevention technology.

A checkpoint is one of the strongest network firewalls that is used globally. The hardware is very much effective to make you integrated and consolidated in the form of securing your network. Thus, learning this part is an important aspect of your networking career. Over 100 top companies do use this network and other smaller companies are countless in number. Hence, when you get through the full course, you are eligible to get a job in all the top 100 companies and also in the smaller companies, working as an individual. So give yourself the essential exposure, turn down with the training with UniNets.


There are three levels of the course and this one is the very basic one, where you will be made aware of the fundamentals of the checkpoint system and the networking aspect of the same. The main training that will be given to you ate the fundamental level is the identification of the system and also some aspect of troubleshooting. Lab exposure will also be given to you here for identifying the different checkpoint equipment and enhance your career to the next step.


This training is not an official training. The next two parts are the CCSA and CCSE training, but the fact is that you will be assumed to know the details of the checkpoint system, while you go for those courses, but that is not the fact. Hence this course is arranged by Uninet to give you a certificate and the passage to the next and the most important two courses for certification of the checkpoint.

The entire course is of 5 days and within this course, you will be given a perfect exposure to the checkpoint services, networking and a little bit of troubleshooting.