Course Features

CISCO Nexus Training Course

UniNet has the best curriculum for the Nexus training in India with all the series and all the platform training put together. After you go through the training that has been held in UniNet Bangalore, you are going to have the efficiency to handle not only Nexus device of Cisco, but all the devices that work on Nexus platform. Here are the details that we cover in the training. Go through it and entitle yourself for the training.


You will be made familiar with the Nexus 9000 series and all the equipment that are attached with it. While dealing with the machinery in the lab session, you will be acquiring expertise in handling the networks, security aspects of the things and also the automation function.

The training will also give you an idea how to be very much effective with the Nexus devices and how to handle them to reduce the cost of the network and how to increase the effectiveness of the network during the course of work.

Cisco Nexus Virtual Lab

Below is the Cisco Nexus topology and UniNets provide virtual lab access where you can design your lab. 

Cisco Nexus Topology
Cisco Nexus Diagram


This course is not having any such certificate tests, but at the end of the course, you will be awarded a certificate that will justify your expertise with the Nexus devices. Uninet is the only brand that will justify your course and the entire course is sponsored with the aid of Cisco. Hence, there can be no better exposure than this one.