F5 ASM Training

Course Features

F5 ASM Training Course

In F5 ASM (Application Security Manager) certification course, trainee who attends the training session will learn and start to protect the application against the top threats, and application vulnerabilities. Also, the trainee can become the expertise to protect the system from zero-day attacks using the F5 Application Security Manager module. In this training course, each and every trainee will get in-depth knowledge about the Distributed DoS defenses, virtual patching, detection and mitigation techniques, granular attack visibility, and much more. Things like installation, configuration, integration, and management of the BIG-IP ASM system will be covered inside the training session.

Why F5 ASM Training Course?

If you complete the training on F5 ASM(Application Security Manager) system, the chance to get the high pay job in an MNC company is high. Upon successful completion of F5 ASM(Application Security Manager) Training, you can accomplish the following:

F5 ASM Certification exam codes:

To become the successful Application Security Manager, you need to pass one exam, and it is as follows.

F5 ASM Certification Cost:

The certification cost for ASM(Application Security Manager) certification exam is $135. You need to pass this exam alone for the certification, so need to pay extra fee for the new exam later.