F5 DNS Training

Course Features

F5 DNS Training in Bangalore

F5 DNS Training suited well for the network professionals who have a good number of experiences in handling the F5 LTM technologies. In the training session, students are given special care with the intention to convert them as an expert in handling the secure DNS infrastructure. Training will be given to scale the large volumes of the query along with the detailed explanation about the Distributed DoS attacks. Our workbooks and practical notes will have the proper explanation which will help the trainee to improve their skill and performance in a quick time. The trainee will also come to know about the availability of various applications, and their functions in the different cloud environment.

Why F5 DNS Training Course?

If you complete the DNS certification courses, the chances to seal a position in the Multi-National Company with high pay job are very high. Upon successful completion of F5 DNS Training, you can accomplish the following:

F5 DNS Certification exam codes:

To become the successful Domain Name System Manager, you need to pass only one exam, and it is as follows.

F5 LTM Certification Cost:

The certification cost for a DNS certification exam is $135. As there is only one two for this certification, you do not need to pay any extra fee here.