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Google Cloud Training in Bangalore (Online)

The Google cloud training course suits the best for the absolute beginner who is looking forward to learning everything about the Google Cloud Platform. Have you ever wanted to know, what is meant by a cloud platform?  What are the Google Cloud Platform and core services? Why need to use Google Cloud? If you say yes for any one of the above questions, then this course is for you.

Our goal is to provide simple training about the concepts of Google Cloud Platform with the core services. There are theoretical and practical classes available to explain things visually. We also let every trainee know about the overall advantages in the Google Cloud platform. Major services available in the Google cloud platform and their uses will be explained briefly with the industry experts here.

Why Google Cloud Training course?

After you complete this training course, you can build your career strongly in any MNC companies with high-salary. More than lakhs of big industries and companies are using the Google cloud platform to host their websites, applications, and much more. For the next few generations, Google cloud platform is going to have a huge impact on the business enterprises, so choosing these training courses will put you in the safe position and you can work on the Google cloud platform with so much confidence with the certification knowledge.

Google Cloud Certification exam codes:

The exam code for Google cloud certification is as follows:

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Each level of Google Cloud Certification exams will have a different cost. The certification cost details are given below